POSTED 6:36 PM, JUNE 28, 2019, BY JON MEYERUPDATED AT 08:18PM, JUNE 28, 2019

MOOSIC, Pa. — It’s a musical tribute to Talkback 16.

Bo Steele and Ben Rubino from The Band Steele had 10 minutes to come up with a tune on a national radio show just after they heard our Talkback 16 call.

“We didn’t have tornaders until we put in the traffic circles because accounta you want to know why? When people go round and round in circles, it causes disturbances in the atmosphere and causes tornados.”

Like the call, the song F-150s and F-5s went viral, so the duo from Alabama came to see where that “inspiring” call first aired.

“We heard the call and said he said, ‘Tornader, this is definitely what we’re doing. He sounds just like us!'” said Bo Steele.

They couldn’t believe how their song spread.

“It was kind of early when we did it, but by the end of the day it was viral, thousands of shares,” said Ben Rubino.

But the Band Steele is about much more than tornaders and roundabouts. these two are touring military bases with their single “Sit Awhile.”

“This response from this single when we put it up online, it’s helping people get through some tough times, PTSD, and it’s our first top 40 in Nashville,” Rubino said.

“So it was kind of a nice touch to get a light-hearted break in there to laugh a little bit,” said Steele.

Watch the whole performance from The Band Steele in the WNEP Digital Studio.