The Band Steele’s Current Single

“Sit Awhile” just landed at #36 on the Music Row breakout Chart

We had the opportunity to meet The Band Steele and talk awhile during Country Radio Seminar in Nashville last week. Bo Steele and Ben Rubino make of the duo that is taking country music as well as social media by storm. They are not “new” to scene although it wasn’t until my research before my interview with them that I was absolutely taken by these guys. In fact, we are now considered “Common Law Kin”, as you will see in our conversation.

There is something a little extraordinary about Bo and Ben and while I would like to say it is just their great sense of humor or their amazing personalities, when you listen to them describe what the reactions have been to their current single, “Sit Awhile”, I believe that there is something in their heart and soul that is just organic and much deeper than just the “obvious” talent they possess.

With astounding views of their current music video for “Sit Awhile”, “The Lineman” music video and almost 2 million views on an impromptu acapella performance of “Victory In Jesus”, these guys are definitely doing a lot of things right.

As of the date of this article being published (2/22/2019) we have to give a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Bo & Ben as “Sit Awhile” just landed at #36 on the MusicRow Country Breakout Chart!

Check out more information below and get your copy of the music they have available on all platforms. You will be so glad to have these in your collection.

Bo and Ben, thank you for spending some time with us during CRS. We wish you the best of luck and we can not wait to see what happens next on your journey. We look forward to catching up again very soon and ya’ll remember to give a shoutout to your “Common Law Kin” when your on stage accepting the many awards to come!

More on The Band Steele:

Steel is one of the strongest metals in the world; it’s iron mined from the earth and fortified under heat. Alloy steel is created when other elements are intentionally added to modify the characteristics of steel. The same is true with the combination of Bo Steele and Ben Rubino, and the creation and characteristic of The Band Steele.

A musical formation as spirit and nature intended, The Band Steele is defined by strong vocals and instinctive musicianship—a fiery combination forged by a genuine brotherhood and a loyal and trusted friendship that makes the pairing stronger and “better together”.

Growing up in the country where hunting, fishing, partying in the woods and “Swimmin’ In The Sipsey”were the pastimes, it’s the southern culture and natural born “way of life” that unified the two high school friends from small town Alabama.

Just a year ahead, Bo (who is a self-proclaimed “book worm”) captured the attention of his skateboarding counterpart (Ben) at a high school talent show. With a uniquely bold voice, often compared to award- winning performers Eddie Vedder, Scott Stapp (Creed) and Darius Rucker, Bo Steele is fueled by untamed emotion, energy and passion. Like so many others, Ben was floored by Steele’s pipes; he invited the powerhouse vocalist to join his band and the bond was formed.

“When I first heard Bo sing, his vocals just hit me in the face; he still blows me away every time he opens his mouth to sing.”

Bo brings a rock influence to The Band Steele’s otherwise country sound while Ben infuses an easy-does-it charmed balance to the live performances lending subtle harmonies and signature phrasing to the duo’s compositions and production.

Early on, the two teenagers supported the undertaking with rather unconventional odd jobs. Bo held more than 10 different jobs—most he’d like to forget—including spraying insulation in chicken houses, working at a moving company and building sidewalls for a mobile home manufacturer where Ben joined him as a coworker at the latter two.

Along the journey, “life happened” stalling their momentum and testing their drive for the dream. Bo became a young father, and Ben, redirecting his focus, formed Plan B and headed toward the Air Force recruiting offices. But, fate had other career plans for them both.

Plans changed entirely when they got “the call.” Bo’s performance of “Victory In Jesus” was captured on film in an impromptu a cappella performance in a hospital waiting room; the performance went viral on YouTube (and nears three million views to date). Bo Steele quickly became an Internet phenom capturing new fans by the millions and the attention of the New York City-based Fire River Records. Following a jet- set trip from NYC to Alabama for a live performance preview, the label signed The Band Steele to a multi- album record deal nearly on the spot (September 2014).

“Ben’s vision, focus and motivation kept me going and dedication got us to this place. We are both so grateful to be here…together.”

FAST FORWARD: In three short years since signing with the label, The Band Steele released its debut studio-recording, MOON IN A MASON JAR (2017), three singles to country radio (“Tan Lines,“ “195”and most recently, “Sit Awhile”), a single to Christian radio (“Victory In Jesus”) and filmed five music videos. Their most recent music video, “195,” premiered on the “Country Fix” on Heartland-TV (August 2018) and digitally via Taste of Country (Sept. 2018) while the newly released single, “Sit Awhile” (August 2018) and corresponding music video have quickly enjoyed exponential engagement by millions across the globe from both country music enthusiasts and military supporters. With nearly 800,000 YouTube views alone, the “Sit Awhile” music video serves as a patriotic tribute to our men and women of military service and their families.

Passionate to recognize those who serve and sacrifice to risk their lives to lend aid to others—our military service men and women, veterans, first responders, as well as our country’s linemen—and inspired by the brave linemen and their families, the proficient song crafters co-wrote and released “The Lineman” as a dedication to a service nearly forgotten. The pair’s original track (“Good Times”) was featured in the John Travolta/Sharon Stone film “Life On The Line” (Lionsgate/2016). Bo also makes a cameo appearance performing the song in the movie.

The what-you-see is what-you-get, no-nonsense country duo doesn’t believe in music genre barriers and their music is 100% proof. They write about summer love, love loss, recognize fallen comrades, unsung heroes and share good-hearted spirit in rockin’ and rowdy, good-timin’ tunes that move the listeners to tears or raise a bottle of beer. From behind chicken wire or before a wide-open field of thousands. The Band Steele is a modern, ferocious force to be reckoned with… hopeful to etch its name as a long-time iconic symbol of the South.