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Song Idea Spawned In Jest Becomes Duo’s 
Most Poignant & Moving Signature Song — A Fan Favorite
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (July 17, 2018) – Fire River Records’flagship recording artist, The Band Steele(Bo Steele/Ben Rubino), will release its newest tune, “Sit Awhile,” *to country radio on Monday, August 13, 2018 (PlayMpe-7/12/18). Originating from a back-woods walk on a hot summer afternoon near their Alabama hometown, the third single release comes from the duo’s sophomore album MOON IN A MASON JAR. Co-written by Steele and Rubino, and produced by Rob Burrell and Stacy Stavola, the harrowing storyline of loss reflects upon the burdensome stages of grief and the importance of time and silent recollection as intrinsic in the healing process.
“I take this walk once a week

Cool my beer in a runnin’ creek
Take the boots off my feet
and just sit awhile
With my back against an old oak tree

I close my eyes, pretend it speaks

And tell it all my troubles and my dreams”
An idea spawned in jest led to creating one of the duo’s most poignant and moving signature songs; a jovial thought evolved into an unexpected fond and contemplative recollection and life assessmentwrestling with life challenges, the passing of loved ones and time gone by. Struggling with “writers’ block,” Steele and Rubino headed to a place that offered tranquil inspirationSmith Creek.
“A big oak stood in front of the creek and before we sat, I tossed out the idea ‘if this tree could talk’,” introduced Ben Rubino.“While I just threw the idea out there, kind of kidding, ‘Sit Awhile’ took an entirely different direction; the peacefulness of the surroundings and memories of those we’ve lost painted this song.
“’Sit Awhile’ is really personal to me. My stepdad had recently passed and I was learning to juggle ‘moving on’ with everyday ‘life stuff’ and the grieving process while still honoring my stepfather’s memory,”Bo Steeleadded. “Ben and I sat on a fallen tree and as the water rolled by, the words poured out. It’s the most meaningful song we’ve ever written.”
“Now houses will crumble
and trees they fall down
But the empty spot in my heart still remains

And that creek may stop runnin’

And I may leave this town
But the words in that stone will never change”
“The song originates from a deeply emotional personal story; ‘Sit Awhile” is for anyone who’s lost someone,” Rubino added. 
The corresponding “Sit Awhile” music video is being shot later this month in Atlanta; the clip will serve as a special dedication to our men and women of service who sacrificed their lives for our freedom, and is anticipated to hit national television screens across the country in late summer.
The single (“Sit Awhile”) will be available via major digital retail and streaming outlets on August 17, 2018. Grassroots Promotion will spearhead the country radio promotion campaign.
The Band Steele is made up of two high school friends from Winston County, Alabama, who began performing together at the age of 14. Fast forward to 2015: the two young, talented musicians quickly became Internet Phenoms and inked a record deal with the New York City-based indie label, Fire River Records. In three short years since the ink has dried, The Band Steele has become must-see, must-hear arena act captivating country music radio programmers, fans and the music industry as a whole. The pair has released two studio-recording projects, two singles to country radio and filmed three music videos. Their recent single (titled “195” and featured on the duo’s sophomore album–MOON IN A MASON JAR) garnered early applause and welcome by country radio and its audience achieving success on the country music charts.
The Band Steele captured the attention of LA filmmakers; a Band Steele original tune is featured in the John Travolta film “Life On The Line” (Lionsgate/2016). Bo also makes a special appearance in the flick to perform the duo’s original tune “Good Times” (from MOON IN A MASON JAR). Passionate to recognize those who serve and sacrifice to risk their lives to lend aid to othersour military service men and women, veterans, first responders, as well as our country’s linemenThe Band Steele wrote and released a dedication, and corresponding music video, titled “The Lineman.”  
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