“There’s been country music with a rock edge, but never with a rock voice. …Until now.”

Greg Almond/WGGC – Bowling Green, KY


“The Band Steele’s ‘195’ is a well-written, passionate song, performed with feeling and boasts great harmonies.”                                                                                                                                   – Lynn Rutledge/WMEV – Marion, VA


“There’s no mistaking it when you hear The Band Steele coming out of your speakers. The duo’s new single (‘195’) will take your listeners on a trip down a country road that they won’t want to end.”– Dave Williams/KQKX-106 KIX – Norfolk, NE


“The track ‘195’ is good. This hook will stick in your head from the moment you press play.”

                   – Derek Beck,Brand Manager/KRGI-GI Family Radio – Grand Island, NE


“This duo continues to deliver a unique and fresh sound to the format. Focusing on the ‘what could have beens,’ ‘195’ showcases an entirely different side of The Band Steele. …A great tune that is garnering some great phones.”

– Mike Thomas, Program-Music Director/KWRE-KFAV Radio – Warrenton, MO